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The ETI EnergyTech Universe

Helping Investors Make Intelligent Decisions Through Better Information

Investing in the Energy Conversion, Advanced Industrial and Environmental Technologies sectors requires an understanding of a multitude of different technologies, industries and economic models. Our goal at ETI is to provide transparent and useful information to the investor in a consistent fashion so they can make intelligent decisions through better information. We have broken the industry into eight distinct categories and in aggregate includes 176 stocks. We have identified what we believe to be the most relevant companies for small and midcap investors. Our model is designed to be dynamic and we will update and change the constituents as conditions demand and help keep investors focused and informed.

Biofuels & Chemicals

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Clean Transportation

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Emerging EnergyTech

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Energy Services

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Industrial EnergyTech

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Smart Buildings

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Solar Industry

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Water Value Chain

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All Companies

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